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” Grace for Dewabrata ” oleh Herjaka Hs – 2005- [buku cerita wayang bergambar bewarna]

Posted on: June 4, 2012

buku cerita wayang bergambar berbahasa Inggris, Grace for Dewabrata, Herjaka Hs, Kanisius, Yogyakarta, 2005, Ganggawati, Kasi, Amba, Begawan Palasara, Sang Hyang Narada, eight wasu, Astinapura kingdom, Talkanda land, Gangga river, King Sentanu, Setyawati, Sang Hyang Yama.

Data buku :

Herjaka Hs  ;  “ Grace for Dewabrata “  ;  Yogyakarta  ; Kanisius  ;  2005 = cetakan pertama  ;  ISBN 979211131X, 9789792111316  ;  bahasa Inggris  ;  cerita wayang bergambar.

Dewabrata lived as a hermit in Talkanda. During the leadership of Citragada the luxury decreased and people became not prosperous. Even rebellion take place. During the battle against the rebells, King Citragada passed away. Then the throne of Astinapura was held by Wicitrawirya, Citragada’s brother, but it also didn’t persist for a long time. Wicitrawirya passed away because of his illness.

After both of her sons passed away, Setyawati asked Dewabrata to ascend the throne. Dewabrata held on firmly his oath. The throne that had been handed over wouldn’t taken anymore. Then the throne of Astinapura was handed over to Abiyasa, the son of Setyawati with her former husband, Hermit Palasara. Abiyasa was the only hope of Setyawati’s expectation would be granted.



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