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Buku cerita wayang bergambar berbahasa Inggris, Gendari’s Grudge, Herjaka Hs, Kanisius, Yogyakarta, 2005, Pandu, Mandura, Setyawati, Destarastra, Ambika, Ambalika, Gendari, Begawan Druwasa, Prita, Madrim, Pameling Charm, Bandondari, Candra Birawa Charm, Bathara Surya, King Basukunti, Tri Gantalpati.



Data buku :

Herjaka Hs  ;  “ Gendari’s Grudge “  ;  Yogyakarta  ; Kanisius  ;  2005 = cetakan pertama  ;  ISBN 9792111328, 9789792111323 ;  bahasa Inggris  ;  cerita wayang bergambar.


Abiyasa had three sons. All of them were handicapped but hat got superiority. The eldest son named Destarastra was blind but very powerful. The second son was Pandu Dewanata who hat got deformed neck but was good at archery. His blood was white therefore he would be free from any evil things. The third son named Yamawidura was lame but good at state structure.

After being mature, Pandu Dewanata joined a competition which was already won by Prince Narasoma. He could shoot a bird as what had done by Prince Narasoma. Therefore he was entitled to marry Prita. Prince Narasoma challenged Pandu to fight a duel. The fight was won by Pandu. So Madrim, Prince Narasoma’s younger sister, was entrusted to Pandu.

Halfway home Pandu was challenged by Tri Gantalpati who was defeated successfully. So Tri Gantalpati entrusted his elder sister, Gendari, to Pandu.

Pandu loved his elder brother so much then he invited Destarastra to choose one princess. The selected princess didn’t love Destarastra so it was neither proud nor happiness which grew in the heart of that Putri Boyongan, but grudge. The grudge would be brought along the history of her descendants.


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